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What happened for you during Carers Week?

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2018, 11:16
by wendy
Carers week is over. I asked our members of Chill group What Carers week had done for them, and these are a few of the answers.

Nowhere near enough for me to get to I’m sorry to say Wendy. I hope other people managed to find an event. I usually just take myself to Costas around the corner from where I live. I can be home in a few minutes if I’m needed but gives me some me time xx

Nothing at all.


1 day out respite and 6 days stressed dealing with primary care who got it all so wrong last week. Ended up stressed to the max!


nowt again.

I would not have known it was carers week if you hadn't had told me, there was nothing local to my knowledge. I'm not even sure what we are meant to achieve my carers week.

Nothing here.

It was unusual to have nothing on offer for carers in our area. (East Lancs) for Carers Week. Carers Link normally have an activity each day for carers & they do free replacement care so that carers can take part. This is the first time in many years.

Absolutely nothing.

I have a care case manager,she never even called me.Which as I have a sick hubby with cancer, I was shocked.However it's funding.

Same here - nothing.

Too busy caring.

Re: What happened for you during Carers Week?

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2018, 11:38
by wendy
Many people will add much the same to these comments I'm sure. I have my son 24/7 so couldn't get to anything. I Tweeted my LA asking if they are involved in anything or have information on anything in support of Carers week, didn't get a reply but at 4pm that day they tweeted the pledge post for Carers nothing else. This week it's refugee support week apparently, they are on it straight away!