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What do you find is the worst thing about 'caring'?

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2018, 19:18
by wendy
Actual words written by family carers on our facebook forum in the UK 2018.

Constant tiredness & people you pay to care don’t care & we pay good money for this so called care.

Misunderstood by people who haven't got any idea of what I actually do...

Going 15 years with no holiday let alone respite .

No help of anyone.

No life of your own.

20+ years of caring for my parents. Tiredness, stress and trying to keep family life 'normal' at home. Plus depression and not wanting to burden anyone with my 'problems'.

Tiredness, feeling trapped, people whom you thought were friends melt away.loneliness.

Losing the relationship I had with my daughter and feeling like my house is my prison.

Constantly putting someone else's needs above your own and having no one who really understands. Looking friends because they don't get it. Isolation.

Having to fight for everything.

Re: What do you find is the worst thing about 'caring'?

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2018, 20:44
by amandah
Having no time for Amanda, I am utterly exhausted, tearful.Family are too busy to step in.Its a chore for them.If only the Government would give carers a proper wage as well.We are saving this government billions.Also extend the amount of time carers can have a mini break away.regards Amanda h

Re: What do you find is the worst thing about 'caring'?

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2018, 14:17
by wendy
Being treated as 24/7 on demand unpaid labour when the local authority feels like it whilst having zero standing over decision making and no rights to extra support at difficult times.

I would add the strain of 24/7 company with someone with severe cognitive deficit. Add the guilt for not being more patient