Overdue books - Library charge exemptions in Norfolk

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Overdue books - Library charge exemptions in Norfolk

Postby chenrezig » 30 Apr 2017, 14:40

There are also some groups who do not have to pay overdue fees, check out the list here - it also depends on what you get out - books, DVD's, CD's etc.

https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries-lo ... exemptions

Carers are not mentioned in the list but I seem to recall just after dear Dad passed away I found out that I needn't have paid overdue fees, I guess if you call your local library they will be able to advise you - I am guessing it comes under the housebound category?

Also from the 15th May 2017, they won't be sending e-mail reminders 3 days before books are due back, instead they will send e-mails SIX days after the books are due back

https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries-lo ... -reminders

Below has been copied and pasted as it takes forever to find the info on the website ..

"Library books and overdue reminders

We are making changes to the way we tell you about items you have borrowed that have become overdue.

From 15 May we will issue the first reminder that your items are overdue 6 days after the due date, and this alert will be by email only. If the item is not returned, a second reminder will be sent after 21 days and a third and final reminder after 42 days, using whichever method you have set in your account preferences. Accounts are locked after 56 days, then cleared for use again once items are returned and any outstanding charges settled.

Why we are making these changes - We are reducing the overall number of letters that we send out (for customers who choose to be informed in this way) to simplify the process and reduce postage costs.
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