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Young Person with early onset Dementia (Under 65)

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2017, 15:48
by wendy
Activity Group based in Norwich

The Alzheimer’s Society listens to anyone worried about or affected by dementia. Dementia is not restricted to older people. It is currently estimated over 42,000 people live with Early Onset Dementia (onset before the age of 65 years) in the UK. For these younger individuals and their families, dementia can reveal some acute challenges.

We are really excited about a new project we have for young people with early onset dementia. We are providing a two hour activity based programme in Norwich, which we be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month.

First Group Meeting Wednesday 8th February 10.30—12.30
At Union Building, 51-59 Rose Lane, Norwich NR1 1BY

The sessions will include activities, talks, going out and about in the city to places of interest such as the cinema, bowling plus other leisure pursuits. Our programme will be person centred reflecting the feedback and interests of the clients who are referred to the Service.

For more information on how to support the Project please contact:

Cheryl Day 07734 777 980
Russell Simpson 07484 503 789
Peer Support Group Facilitators

Re: Young Person with early onset Dementia (Under 65)

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2018, 07:19
by ingridcarley
This is really good work for people on early onset dementia. this is very admirable that many people can get help and support from this programme.

Re: Young Person with early onset Dementia (Under 65)

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2018, 12:37
by ingridcarley
Early onset dementia is generally happening in very young age and their family often face significant changes to their financial situation. It is a broad term which describes symptoms such as loss of memory, intellect, rationality, social skills, and normal emotional reactions.
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