Some people should never hire boats

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Some people should never hire boats

Postby chenrezig » 15 Jul 2016, 17:57

Some people should never hire boats or be allowed to.

I was waiting for my bus home tonight - the stop is by the river in Norwich. There was a cruiser right by it, and you could see the chap at the wheel wasn't too confident in spite of his mates shouting instructions at him as they were trying to turn it round to go back to the boatyard (Wednesdays and Saturdays are what are called "changeover days" as that is when most boats are hired out and returned to the yard).

First his mates wanted to get on board with the shopping - bear in mind it was almost low tide and there was quite a drop down. One made it comfortably, then the other had a go, he only just made it as they had already untied the boat before he got on! DOH!!!

They very slowly began to turn - the river was just wide enough, then the prow started to drift to the bank. Me and the Yacht Station Master who was also watching, waited for the CRRRRUUNCH as it hit the bank - the boat made it with an inch or two to spare I grinned and the YSM shrugged.

Then the fun really began, they opened the throttle a little a CRRRRRUUUNCHCRACK - they hit the side of the woodlined bank, just managed to get turned a bit more and then cruuuunch again. They turned a bit more and tried reversing.. you guessed it CRRRRRUNnch - this time with the back of the cruiser. By this time the YSM was running up towards the Yacht Station to check the damage .. then the blokes on the boat opened the throttle and quite plainly out of control as the YST yelled at them to slow down and moor up again.

Think the crew can say goodbye to any deposit .. seen better sailing from Captain Pugwash !

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