Terms of Reference for Chill4us Carers

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Terms of Reference for Chill4us Carers

Postby wendy » 04 Nov 2014, 13:56


Over many years we have found that we have needed these rules to keep our forum a happy and safe place for carers. We are always willing to listen to your views and suggestions.
Chill4us is somewhere for carers or ex carers over the age of 18 to have some precious time for themselves and as such we ask that you show respect when you post messages, take part in our chatroom or send private messages to one another.
Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. Having said that, we will remove postings that are obscene, contain personal attacks or break the law.
The comments made by members of Chill4us do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of the website.

We have a few simple rules to abide by:

1. Membership is NOT transferable to anyone else and it's forbidden to act as a proxy for a banned member.

2. Any member found to have copied personal posts or PMs made by members to other sites without asking that member's permission will be deleted from the site without warning.

3. Treat everyone with respect, no swearing. no shouting, no abuse.

4. If you have a problem on our boards from a member please contact one of the managers and not the member so it can be dealt with appropriately.

5. Everything held or spoken about on this forum is private and members should not be contacted for a members personal gain outside of this forum, please do not post your personal details.

6. Persistent Lurkers will be deleted from the forum at the discretion of the management.

7. Any member posting questions, remarks etc on behalf of any person banned from the forum will be banned.

8. All posts/threads are the property of Chill4us Forum, any unsuitable material will be removed and appropriate action taken.

9. If a member continually ignores our PM's or our requests asking them to reply to our posts on the forum and are still reading topics/posts then they will be suspended from using Chill until they get in contact with the management.

10. If members wish to post a petition on the boards, would they please pm any of our Managers for approval before posting, who reserve the right to remove any unauthorised petitions.

11. Pictures and PM's are the property of the person who have posted them in Chill4 and they are not to be used without owner's permission or taken out of the forum.

12. Management have the final decision to ban a member for the benefit of the security and safety of the other members.

Thank you to all the members who do abide by our rules and are thoughtful and respectful to others, we thank you for your cooperation in making this forum what it is today.

On rare occasions we have unfortunately had to ban a member when a resolve to the problem could not be found, the rules are there for a reason, to keep Chill a pleasant place to be so we can support one another in our caring roles, make friends and connect to the outside world.



We are all here to enjoy Chill4us Chat. Disagreements do happen -- deal with the issue not the person. If someone harasses YOU, do not respond in the same manner. Use the 'Ignore' feature and report them to the management. Don't let one person's rudeness make you behave in the same manner.

1. Swear words are not allowed anywhere in Chill4us Chat, use of such language is a violation.

2. Rudeness, harassment, verbally or by behavior will be considered a room disruption and the member/s will be suspended and dealt with accordingly.

3. For your own security please do not post your personal email address or phone number in the chatroom.

4. Any member found to have copied and pasted private Pm's into the chatroom will be banned without warning.

5. Any member who posts indecent pictures in chatroom will be banned without warning.

6. Any member not entering the chatroom through the correct entrance will get an instant ban from the forum.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Chill chatroom and make friends and support one another, Thank you to everyone who respect the rules.

Thank you for your support.

Disclaimer: This is a secure site accessible to members only using a secure log-in. Although we try to screen new members carefully, for your protection we ask that you be respectful to one another.
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Re: Terms of Reference for Chill4us Carers

Postby chenrezig » 04 Nov 2014, 20:06

Please read this .. it is important !
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